Nonprofit Cybersecurity Seminar

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​In July, On Mission IT presented a seminar about cybersecurity and its importance for the nonprofit community. Nonprofits need security from online hackers and protection for their data, be that financial, donor, client, or employee information. Breaches are costly and can generate negative publicity for any nonprofit. The speakers emphasized the importance of vigilance, stating that risk assessments should be done on a yearly basis. Once deficiencies are noted, a plan for remediation should be put in place.

One attention-grabbing statistic shared with the group is that 50% of nonprofits have experienced ransomware attacks. As more organizations move to remote work, malware and ransomware has increased exponentially. A home computer that becomes infected can bring viruses onto the work network.

On Mission IT, in collaboration with Clark Computer Services, will be providing security risk assessments for attendees who expressed interest. These assessments will be funded by Ausherman Family Foundation and will include reviews of hardware and software, policies and procedures, and regulatory compliance. The goal is to find any items which may leave a nonprofit vulnerable to a data breach.

“Prior to the presentation I didn’t appreciation how hackers work and the autobot nature of how they find weaknesses, nor did I fully conceptualize the value of the data we possess.” – Seminar participant 


On Mission IT SRA Risks and Remediations 2021 Sample

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