Current Projects

Ausherman Family Foundation works to catalyze Community Benefit Projects in Frederick through partnerships and collaboration. There are many projects in the works!

Frederick Downtown Youth Center

The Downtown Safety and Services Initiative (the Initiative) was formed to pursue a shared vision for Downtown Frederick, focusing on safety for all, respect for each individual, and advancing the community’s vibrancy. One group, The Services and Coordination Committee, determined ways to expand and increase access to human services by analyzing current offerings, coordination, and how well they serve Downtown Frederick’s needs. One of the committee’s main recommendations was to provide alternative venues and care services for youth to guarantee that they have options for socializing and recreation that are safe and that adolescent support is easy to access.

In response, the Ausherman Family Foundation began working with Strategic Consulting & Coaching along with other community leaders to explore the possibility of a youth center. At the forefront of this exploration was the voices of youth which were heard through 6 community forums. Youth advocated for what would make them feel safe, welcome, and interested in the center. The ideas of the youth were reinforced by youth providers and leadership around the county. These comments and discoveries were recorded and compiled by the consultants into one report. The report of these Key Findings and Recommendations lays the groundwork for steps forward through the formation of committees and ideas for the management, layout, and structure of a youth center building in downtown Frederick. 

More about the progression of the project can be read on our news page.

Transportation Study

Awareness of an expanding population with attendant human service and community needs prompted the Ausherman Family Foundation to support a community-wide examination of transportation options throughout the county.

The goal of the process was to build upon previous studies and data reports that focused primarily on policy. Through a series of interviews, surveys, and community forums, the study explored the capacity of the community to offer equitable and sustainable transportation by listening to those most in need as well as those managing the systems.

Read the full report here

Simon Turner Memorial Splash Fountain

The mission of the Simon Turner Memorial Garden is to provide an inclusive space that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. The design concept plan was developed by Mahan Rykiel Associates, Inc. for an inclusive and flexible amenity. With the expertise of the Ausherman Properties team, the Ausherman Family Foundation has helped to support this project through its various stages of planning and development. 

Downtown Safety & Services Initiative

We’re excited to support the Downtown Safety & Services Initiative and the collaborative efforts of our community to enhance the safety and vibrancy of downtown Frederick. This community initiative is comprised of community stakeholders including human service providers, nonprofit organizations, residents, businesses, faith community members, the Frederick Police Department, Frederick County State’s Attorney‘s Office, and government entities. Thank you for dedicating your time and talents to help downtown Frederick continue to be a safe and compassionate place to live, work and play.

For more information, click here.

Seventh Street Fountain & Park Renovation

In partnership with the City of Frederick and the Downtown Frederick Partnership, the Seventh Street Fountain Park Renovation project will work to restore the badly-degraded historic fountain located at the intersection of West 7th and North Market Streets. In addition, the surrounding park will be renovated into a more green, welcoming, safe, and comfortable public space. As part of this process, several community charrettes were held to gain suggestions and input, and to review the concept designs.

Uplifting Public Art

Ausherman Family Foundation aims to beautify public spaces by catalyzing public art projects including murals, sculptures, kinetic art, and more. Many of these projects and their locations were outlined in the  Public Arts Master Plan in partnership with Frederick Arts Council. We work in partnership with fellow nonprofits, businesses, residents, artists, and more to make these visions a reality.