Exploring Youth Center for Frederick

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The Downtown Safety and Services Initiative (the Initiative) was formed to pursue a shared vision for Downtown Frederick, focusing on safety for all, respect for each individual, and advancing the community’s vibrancy. Through civic engagement, thoughtful planning, and the commitment of Frederick’s own – over 70 leaders, human services providers, businesses, and residents came together to make recommendations to ensure Downtown Frederick is a safe, welcoming, and prosperous environment for all our citizens and visitors.

One group, The Services and Coordination Committee, determined ways to expand and increase access to human services by analyzing current offerings, coordination, and how well they serve Downtown Frederick’s needs. One of the committee’s main recommendations was to provide alternative venues and care services for youth to guarantee that they have options for socializing and recreation that are safe and that adolescent support is easy to access.

In response, The Ausherman Family Foundation has begun interviewing consulting groups to conduct a comprehensive study of Frederick County’s youth and young adults service providers to identify potential opportunities for a Downtown Youth Center and begin establishing a vision for a Youth Campus.

A proposed location for the Youth Center is being considered within a currently underutilized downtown building close in proximity to public transit. The identified property and surrounding area present additional opportunities for expansion in the future to better serve the needs of our community’s youth ages 12-24.

Proposals are currently being considered by a review committee comprised of nonprofit, foundation and government representatives. The committee believes that as a community, we need to build in the interventions needed to address the needs of the youth through access and support services, including job readiness, career development, physical, mental, and behavioral health, peer relationships, and personal enrichment. It is the committee’s goal to ensure youth are actively engaged and included throughout this process.

The Ausherman Family Foundation is pleased to be exploring this opportunity to better our community. Next steps include creating community groups to gather opinions and brainstorm additional concepts that should be included in the master plan. To get involved with this initiative, please reach out the Foundation’s Executive Director Leigh Adams (ladams@ausherman.org ).

Read the full DSSI report here: The-Initiative-Final-Report

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