William F. Moran Museum Breaks Ground on New Education Facility

Moran Building 600×200

In January 2022, the William F. Moran Museum & Foundation broke ground for its new teaching facility in Middletown, Maryland. This facility will preserve the legacy and teachings of William F. Moran, a Frederick native who gained international recognition for his mastery of bladesmithing and his influence on the craft.

Born in 1925, Moran grew up in Frederick, Maryland. He started creating knives when he was a teenager and eventually started a shop to sell his hand-forged knives. He was the founder of the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) which was established in 1976 and now has over two thousand members from around the globe.

When Moran passed in 2006, the Executor of his will decided to turn his shop into a museum and create a Foundation in his name to preserve his legacy. The shop has continued to operate and teach the trade of bladesmithing, but its capacity only has space for two bladesmiths at a time. The Moran Foundation saw this as a limitation to preserving and transferring the art of bladesmithing and began exploring ways to expand.

The group approached the Ausherman Family Foundation for funding to help increase its capacity. The organization plans to build a 3200 sq. ft. space that can hold up to 16 students. This will enable the organization to reach more people by providing 450 hours of instruction annually.

In January of 2022, the Moran Foundation broke ground on its new building. By March, the wooden walls were erected. The space for continuing the valuable education of hand-forged knives is well underway!

Support the Moran Foundation and this unique piece of Middletown’s rich history by donating today and visiting the museum.

Moran Teaching Facility Progression

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