Transportation Report Published

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Awareness of an expanding population with attendant human service and community needs prompted the Ausherman Family Foundation to support a community-wide examination of transportation options throughout the county.

This document will provide an overview of the current picture of transportation choice in the County, opportunities for improvement, points to consider for adopting change, and recommendations for the community to explore further action.

The goal of the process was to build upon previous studies and data reports that focused primarily on policy. Through a series of interviews, surveys, and community forums, the study explored the capacity of the community to offer equitable and sustainable transportation by listening to those most in need as well as those managing the systems.

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The Ausherman Family Foundation hired Stillwork Consulting to conduct a transportation study of Frederick County. Many community stakeholders including nonprofits, government leaders, and the general population were surveyed.

Interested in learning more about the progression of this project? Read the Transportation page that highlights various steps from throughout this process.

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