Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership Awarded Focus Grant

SHIP Cover

Ausherman Family Foundation supported the Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership (SHIP) of Frederick County with a $300,000 Focus Grant to support the THRIVE! Host Home Network program. Goals of the funding are to enroll more youth and increase the number of youth who move into permanent housing as they exit the program.

SHIP’s mission to lift up Frederick County’s homeless youth so that they can realize their best potential, complete their education, and be poised to break the cycle of poverty they find themselves in. They work closely with Frederick County Public Schools to fill gaps in basic services including food, clothing and emergency housing for those unsheltered. 

The THRIVE! Host Home Network was created to provide safe, stable housing for homeless unaccompanied youth at a critical time of development while receiving significant support and services designed to lead towards self-sufficiency. It is also designed as a program model for other communities to emulate as they work to solve their own youth homelessness issues locally. 

SHIP is unique in their creation of the Frederick County Youth Action Board which is made of young people who have participated in the program and advise SHIP on community needs, advocacy, and programming structure. A Youth Consultant with lived experience was engaged in the team to profile general support and provide guidance for the THRIVE! program.

Focus Grants aim to help strengthen sound organizations and assist with new initiatives to achieve success in development and establishment of new programs. They are designed to be a three- to five-year commitment to help an organization get the project or program started while allowing them time to make it self-sustainable. For more information about Focus Grants, click here.

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