S.O.S. Safe Ride Receives Funding For Operating Costs

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Ausherman Family Foundation recently presented S.O.S. Safe Ride Foundation with a $25,000 General Grant to fund general operating costs. The organization is dedicated to taking a stance against intoxicated driving. To date, they have administered over 9,200 rides to those who otherwise could not operate a vehicle, and helped reduce the drunk driving arrest rate in Frederick County by nearly 15%. Customers use the app or call S.O.S. Safe Ride and 2 helpful and safe driving employees will arrive at the location in a company vehicle. One employee will drive the customer’s vehicle to their home, while the company vehicle follows them. When they arrive at the customer’s location, the passenger pays the fare and the 2 drivers are off to save another life!

The grant will allow S.O.S. Safe Ride to hire new drivers, expand program hours, implement a new volunteer campaign, and improve the mobile app. It is estimated that this funding will increase volume by 35% by ramping up the amount of rides on nights and weekends.

Thank you to staff and volunteers who are dedicated to getting Frederick County home safely.

For information about General Grants or to apply, click here.

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