Rainbow of Love Recovery Receives Funding


Rainbow of Love Participants & Families

Rainbow of Love was awarded a $20,000 General Grant to support costs of transitional housing for women who are entering the next stage in recovery after leaving the protection of a rehabilitation facility. Transitional living in a safe and secure recovery home, free of alcohol and drugs, gives clients a chance to slowly acclimate themselves to life outside of rehab, preparing them for long-term success as they re-enter society and resume their roles as productive members of the community. Rainbow of Love is distinctive in that it operates the only recovery homes in Frederick County that accept women and their children ages infant to 12 years. The services provided are comprehensive and individualized based on a drug/alcohol evaluation and include housing and basic living needs, case management, transportation, drug testing, and assistance with employment and educational needs. Living in a secure environment and with their basic living needs met, they can more easily attend to their needs for clinical treatment, medical care, enrollment in assistance programs, attendance in 12-step recovery programs, parenting classes and other services provided locally.

Through empowering women and supporting them on the road to recovery, Rainbow of Love tracks progress through the number of women who stay sober, graduate from the program, and participate in health and wellness courses. This programming is particularly imperative as the hardships of COVID-19 dismantled normal life structures, postponed educational courses, halted group sessions, and thus contributed to the isolation that COVID caused. With this funding, Rainbow of Love can reinvigorate their services and aid women to excel.

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