Mindful Movement with Each 1 Teach 1

​In Frederick, Each 1 Teach 1 is an organization bringing healthy life practices and trauma informed yoga to youth. The youth in Lucas Village are who Each 1 Teach 1 interacts with most. Programming for these youths include:

  1. Mindful Movement: This involves yoga, meditation, and movement activities. This encourages the youth to engage with their emotions through movement and actions. Through meditation, youth are able to work through their emotions and respond to situations of stress better.
  2. Healthy Eating: At Lucas Village, there is a garden that Each 1 Teach 1 maintains. This garden provides healthy food that the youth grow themselves. It teaches them responsibility, encourage healthy eating habits, and show how healthy eating habits are important to our bodies.
  3. Mindful Art: Each 1 Teach 1 has enabled youth to express themselves through painting, poetry, and other art forms. This initiative is complimented by a local artist visiting the group twice a month to help them with an art project.

These practices, together, are intended to uplift the spirit and mental health of youth from communities that are within the ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) threshold. Providing a constructive and healthy outlet for youth to express themselves is key to their success in life.

With a General Grant from the Ausherman Family Foundation, Each 1 Teach 1 will continue to provide these services. Funding will ensure that the organization has equipment for gardening and harvesting. This grant will also support the youth’s art program.

In addition, the founder of Each 1 Teach 1, Danica Warden, acknowledges the importance of having clothing that fits and is appropriate for the mindful movement element of the program. To facilitate a comfortable environment for youth to participate in this program, Each 1 Teach 1 provides yoga mats and clothing that fits and is appropriate for exercise. This is also essential for building the self-esteem of youth because it makes them feel comfortable and confident in the clothing they are wearing.

Each 1 Teach 1
Each 1 Teach 1
Each 1 Teach 1
The Garden

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