Maryland Ensemble Theatre Technology Upgrade

During the pandemic, the Maryland Ensemble Theatre was able to use technology to keep its productions active. Its shows were broadcast, and that kept its audience members engaged and excited when COVID restrictions were finally lifted.

After the pandemic, the technology had been stretched to its limit. It was time to invest in new devices and software to help MET continue functioning at high levels. With a Capacity Building Grant from the Ausherman Family Foundation, MET can do exactly this. Awarded a $6,400 grant, MET can buy new laptops for some of its staff whose devices were on their last legs. It will also invest in software called Slack which will maximize and streamline the teams’ communication. MET staff need to coordinate and plan with all the actors, stage crew, prop designers, costume designers, and directors of their various ensembles for plays, comedy, and youth programming. Slack offers a one-stop communication platform for all its casts and members.

Christmas at Pemberley
Christmas at Pemberley (2)
Christmas at Pemberley (1)

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