Marvin Ausherman speaks about what the Y means to him

Marvin Ausherman speaks about what the “Y” means to his family and the Frederick Community. Marvin also discusses the Ausherman Foundation’s involvement in the “Y” Recovery process due to the water damage in late 2015.

The Ausherman Family Foundation sees a need for the Frederick community to step up and help offset some of the $2 million cost of the damages to the Downtown Y caused by water runoff from the storm on September 29th. They have generously granted the YMCA of Frederick County at a matching grant up to $500,000. The Ausherman’s hope this will encourage other local businesses to make a gift towards supporting a local non-profit that provides vital services to the Frederick and surrounding communities.

Eligible donations can be doubled, up to a total of $500k. All donations received beginning September 30th, 2015 may be eligible. To DOUBLE YOUR DONATION now, you can give on the YMCA website through their registration portal, on the GoFundMe account, or donate in person at the Downtown Y.

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