Kinetic Art Sculptures in Carroll Creek

Kinetic Art AFF in Carroll Creek

Ausherman Family Foundation’s Kinetic Art Sculpture displayed on Carroll Creek.

Ausherman Family Foundation catalyzed a new Community Benefit Project to display kinetic wind art in the middle of Carroll Creek from March through November. In collaboration with Rotary Club of Carroll Creek, proposals were requested for this site-specific commission and three artisans were selected. Ausherman Family Foundation’s goal in contributing $20,000 to catalyze this initiative is to attract more sponsors and bring additional sculptures in upcoming years.  Displaying the rotating kinetic art pieces down the Creek will continue to beautify downtown Frederick. This year’s sponsors include The Hendrickson Group and the Adams Family Fund as well as many partners

Ausherman Family Foundation received several proposals from artisans and ultimately decided to sponsor Margot de Messieres and Tsvetomir Naydenov. Each kinetic art sculpture contains elements that create movement. Ausherman Family Foundation’s sculpture gently rotates right above the water and when it catches a slight breeze, over 1,000 colorful aluminum tiles are set into motion. The shimmering tiles create soft clinking sounds and reveal a portrait of Theophilus Thompson.

The African American Resources Cultural and Heritage Society played an instrumental role in collecting research about the history of Theophilus Thompson. They found that he was a young African American chess player of note. 

Kinetic Art Portrait

Portrait of Theophilus Thompson

Kinetic Art Photo Tiles

Aluminum tiles for Kinetic Art Sculpture

Kinetic Art Frame

Kinetic Art Sculpture Frame

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Posted by Margot de Messieres on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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