Grant Selection Process

After your application is submitted to Ausherman Family Foundation, the request goes through an evaluation grant selection process that generally spans several months. The first step is to complete an online Letter of Inquiry (LOI) form. Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within 45 days and notify organizations if they need to submit a full application. We may need additional information before making this decision.

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Organizations are invited to complete a full application based on several factors, including funding availability. Funding requests are considered at one of six yearly board meetings. The process from LOI submission to grant approval typically takes four months.

Requests will only be reviewed by Trustees when submitted via the online portal. Staff is happy to answer questions during completion of the LOI. Please do not mail hard copies of inquiries or any supplementary material unless requested to do so.

To preview the LOI and a sample Grant Application, click here.

 All grant requests submitted to Ausherman Family Foundation will be reviewed to determine the appropriate Ausherman Charitable Entity to consider funding the request. If a grant is funded out of another Ausherman Charitable Entity, Ausherman Family Foundation will continue to manage the grant and the grant recipient should expect to continue to submit future grant reports directly through AFF’s online portal.