Goodwill & Platoon 22 Receive Funding For Veteran Services Program

Goodwill Platoon 22 Check Presentation

Ausherman Family Foundation recently presented Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley (GIMV) and Platoon 22 with a $25,000 Capacity Building Grant to fund a Veterans Services Program. Funding for this project will be utilized for the initial training of Goodwill employees regarding Benefits Counseling, best practices in recruitment of veterans, and assistance with fund development efforts from Platoon 22.

The purpose of  Veterans Services Program is to build a community collaboration through a one-stop veterans’ services center, which will serve as the navigator for veterans services to connect, educate, advocate, and collaborate. GIMV will connect veterans and military families to skills attainment, employment and career advancement; educate the community on the value of veterans and their families; advocate for veterans when they encounter obstacles; and collaborate with community organizations to connect veterans and their families to reduce barriers and meet the individual goals of the veteran.

The holistic service delivery of the Veterans Services Program will focus on nine pillars: financial literacy, employment, housing, wellness, relationships, recreation, spirituality, education, and transportation. Where community partners will focus only on the areas for which they are experts, leaving other service provision to organizations who are experts in those areas.

The funding will assist with initial training and staff development of current Goodwill employees. It will also assist with the development of an affiliation with Platoon 22 and Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley. 

Trustees of the Ausherman Family Foundation encourage collaboration between nonprofits in Frederick County and are honored to support two organizations and their goals for this project.

For information about Capacity Building Grants or to apply, click here.

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