Frederick Transportation Study Hires Consultant


Heidi Holtz of Stillwork Consulting


Ausherman Family Foundation (AFF) has worked with several nonprofit leaders, members of the community, government officials, and businesses to discuss Frederick’s transportation barriers and opportunities. Over the last year, AFF has been on a quiet listening tour, compiling information, feedback, and common themes. This continuing pressing need is one consistently identified in numerous community needs assessments and has a significant impact on many residences of Frederick.


Equipped with this knowledge, AFF recognized the best way to resolve this issue is to bring the community together. Therefore, the next step was to move forward and recruit Heidi Holtz of Stillwork Consulting to help tackle this issue. Heidi has a rich background in strategic planning and prioritization, capacity building, leadership coaching, and community engagement. She was a co-chair for a similar Transportation Initiative in the Greater Syracuse New York area and has years of experience working with Nonprofits and Foundations. She will bring her expertise to the community and guide a Transportation Study. Added bonus, Heidi has a unique advantage as she owns a home in Frederick County and several family members in the area.


The Frederick Transportation Study will build upon previous studies and data reports that focused primarily on policy. Through a series of scoping sessions and community forums, the study will explore the capacity of our community to offer equitable and sustainable transportation by listening to those most in need as well as those managing the systems. With the tenet “do nothing about us without us” as our guiding principle, the committee will provide opportunities for Frederick County residents, government, businesses, and nonprofits to offer recommendations and solutions. Most critically, they will be looking for partners and advocates to see these suggestions through to fruition.


Community members interested in getting involved can contact Heidi Holtz directly at

Project Updates

Stillwork Consulting Group is working with the Ausherman Family Foundation and a team of community leaders and residents to examine how people get to work and services in our area. They also hope to recommend ideas for how to expand choice and access to transportation and have included some possibilities. As part of this, they are surveying county residents. Your survey responses, along with community forums, will help ensure that as many voices as possible are heard. Please feel free to share this link. The deadline for completion of the survey is Friday, October 29th by 5:00 pm.

If you or your clients would prefer a paper copy of the survey, you can print this version of the survey and return it in to the Ausherman Family Foundation: Frederick Transportation Survey – Print Version.

Please return all paper copies to Ausherman Family Foundation Administrative Assistant Caylee Winpigler by October 29, 2021, via email or drop it off at the Ausherman office (7420 Hayward Road, Suite 203). 

This should take about 10 minutes to complete. Your feedback is important and all responses will be kept confidential. There will be a $150 Visa Gift Card raffled off as a thank you for participation. To enter, complete the survey and at the end you will have an opportunity to submit an email (kept separate from responses) and you will be automatically entered (the random selection will be made after October 30). If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to consultant Heidi Holtz.

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