Federated Charities Kicks Off Board Leadership Series

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Federated Charities’ Co-Work Space

Federated Charities provides compassionate community services and offers education and resources to support nonprofit organizations in a collaborative environment so they can better serve their local clients. They use their physical space to support the efforts of as many as 15 local nonprofit organizations as they pursue their own social service missions.

Ausherman Family Foundation recently awarded a $6,400 Capacity Building Grant to support a Board Leadership Series in partnership with the Helen J. Serini Foundation. The grant will support Federated Charities’ commitment to offering professional and relevant training in the nonprofit community every year by partnering with seasoned professionals in the industry to bring information and skills training to board members, staff and volunteers of local organizations.

Federated Charities recognized the need for this series because nonprofits and funders historically spend very small portions of their budgets on professional development which has an impact on how they practice their work. The Professional Development Series will offer 4 free general professional development sessions and a targeted board recruitment and retention series (by application only), starting in March. Click here to view a series brochure.

Board Leadership Flyer

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