FCC Building Trade Scholarship

The Ausherman Family Foundation recently awarded the Frederick Community College Foundation a general grant to provide scholarships to students participating in trade programs including construction, electrical, welding, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) courses.

Students can receive a $500 scholarship for each course they are enrolled in that is part of the FCC trade program. Students will also be able to use this scholarship for this spring and fall semesters.

Trades programs are close to the hearts of Ausherman Family Foundation Trustees. As a longtime residential homebuilder and developer, our chairman and founder Marvin Ausherman is especially passionate about trade programs. By providing scholarships to students, doors continue to open to support the trades and constructions. This programming is the backbone of Ausherman Properties.

Students of a previous cohort of applicants shared the ways in which this scholarship has helped them:

  • In the troubled time of COVID, I struggled with earning income and relied heavily on my parents help to pay for my schooling. Both of my parents are very hard workers often pulling six day work weeks to ensure that I am getting the best education. With that being said, the scholarship will not only help me but my family who mean so much to me.”
  • As a woman trying to get into the trades and strive for a union position, [this helps me] to take my first step.”
  • I discovered that I had a natural talent for welding… This scholarship will allow me to gain further information and knowledge on how to weld and read blueprints so I can further improve and accomplish my goals.”
Jessica Martin an FCC Scholarship Recipient
Jessica Martin FCC Trade Scholarship Recipient
Jessica Martin FCC Trade Scholarship Recipient

Jessica Martin a student at Frederick Community College who received a Trade Scholarship, sponsored by the Ausherman Family Foundation. 

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