Downtown Safety & Services Initiative Committee Successes to Date

The Downtown Safety and Services Initiative (“The Initiative”) was born out of the community and is comprised of several committees that were created based upon the needs and priorities identified by community stakeholders. Committees are chaired by community leaders in the City of Frederick’s nonprofit, human service, and business communities.

Over the last 18 months, each committee has made progress to address community concerns surrounding downtown safety, vibrancy, and human services.  Each committee is working towards a list of recommendations. Check out highlights, successes as well as some parallel efforts with Community Stakeholders that have happened since the inception of the initiative:


Environmental Design & Park Activation Committee

  • New railings are planned for installation on the seating walls located at the intersection of Market Street and Carroll Creek Park, east side.  They will match the existing railings in design and serve as a seating deterrent with the goal of alleviating the congregation of people at the “mouth” of the park.  Fabrication drawings have been approved, and barring any issues with the materials supply chain, installation is tentatively scheduled for this August/September.  The Ausherman Family Foundation is funding the installation, and Bob Smith from Parks & Rec will be managing the construction and Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) approvals.
  • Although not a direct result of DSSI, the Downtown Frederick Partnership (DFP) has gained HPC approval for a new public art and wayfinding installation in the raised planting bed adjacent to Structures Salon in the same area as above.  Kara Norman from DFP can provide more information about the scope of the project, but it also provides for seating deterrents on the walls of the raised planting bed.
  • The committee has engaged Citelum, a municipal lighting design/build firm, to study the City’s park and street lighting and submit a proposal to the City for recommendations. 
  • The committee also engaged a consultant to investigate and propose a new children-focused amenity for the back side of the Library (between the Library and the creek).  A site review was held on May 28th

Ambassador Program Committee

  • The committee is close to finalizing proposed job descriptions for Ambassador Program personnel focused on downtown Frederick. This type of position is used by many cities to enhance safety and hospitality. The goal is to create a safe, welcoming environment for the community and visitor. Once the job descriptions are finalized, the committee will pursue funding for implementation.

Services & Coordination Committee

  • At the last meeting on March 11, the committee was divided into two subcommittees based on member discussions:  one to investigate conditions specifically in Carroll Creek Park and immediate vicinity, and one to analyze the Frederick community human service model.
  • Opening the Day Center, operated by the Salvation Army and housed at the Frederick Rescue Mission.

Security and Enforcement

  • Additional cameras installed in Carroll Creek Park between Market St and Carroll St.
  • Safety in the Parks Ordinance was passed by the City to decrease negative behavior in identified areas
  • Identified top offenders and identified strategies to deter inappropriate behavior
  • Launching of numerous joint agency pilot programs in partnership with Health Department and FPD

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