The Initiative Releases Final Report

Report Cover File

The Downtown Safety and Services Initiative (“The Initiative”) was born out of the community and comprised of several committees that were created based upon the needs and priorities identified by community stakeholders. Committees are chaired by community leaders in the City of Frederick’s nonprofit, human service, and business communities.

The Steering Committee recently released the Downtown Safety & Initiative Final Report including accomplishments to date and recommendations moving forward with the goal of enhancing the continued safety and vibrancy of downtown Frederick. It doesn’t just ‘happen,’ but rather requires a sustained, dedicated and integrated approach. Frederick is a special place because we work to keep it that way.


Interested in participating?

The committees have completed so much yet there is still important work to be done. If you would like to get involved in any aspect of the Initiative, please contact them here.

Report Cover File

A special thank you to Ken Oldham, Nkem Wellington, Kate Layman, Gayon Sampson, Kim Dine, Kara Norman, and Betsy Day for serving as Committee Co-Leads and Chairs.

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