Chords of Courage Releases Music Video

Ausherman Family Foundation awarded Chords of Courage a $10,000 General Grant to support the annual STEP UP! Frederick Student Songwriting Contest. The goal is to create hopeful, inspirational music and encourage students to use their creativity to write dynamic and powerful songs about people of courage.

These songs are a creative way to infuse students with storytelling, music and the inspiration to STEP UP!, create a powerful community service project and engage others to join them. Winning student composers have the choice of performing their songs or having them performed by the professional STEP UP! Band. They take leadership roles by encouraging the audience to join them in acts of STEPPING UP! inspired by the courageous people about whom they wrote their winning songs. Students learn leadership, cooperation, collaboration and negotiation skills.

STEP UP! Includes:

  • Free songwriting workshops with lunch
  • Mentors to help with the STEP UP! to make a difference projects
  • Song subject selection guidance
  • Help with the submission process
  • Assistance for those students who can’t afford the application fee
  • Outstanding prizes including Frederick Community College scholarships up to $1,500, composition/music lessons, have songs recorded professionally in a recording student, cash and YMCA summer memberships.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, students who placed in the 2020 STEP UP! Frederick Student Songwriting Contest participated in a Cyber Songwriting Studio and recently released their music video, “Stand Strong,” a thank you to essential workers. Thank you to Torchlight Productions who assisted in recording the song.

Watch the music video here and be sure to share!

Click here for a special article written by one of the students.

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