Centro Hispano de Frederick Receives Funding For EXITO Program

Ausherman Family Foundation recently presented the Centro Hispano de Frederick with a $7,500 General Grant for the EXITO Summer Success Academy. Students grades 7 – 12 participate in the 4-week program where they build upon the existing STEM Program while introducing new tutoring, mentoring, conflict resolution, problem solving and life skills development modules. Through high levels of engagement and the use of enjoyable yet challenging learning experiences constructed around student needs and interests, learning styles and preferred modes of expression – the program empowers a diverse population of LEP (Limited English Procificency) Latino youth to stay in school, prosper, advance, serve as role models for younger students.

An orientation and two evening sessions are also held for parents/guardians to better understand how to navigate through the school system in the U.S. and best provide personalized support to their students.

Thank you to staff and volunteers for making these programs possible!

For information about General Grants or to apply, click here.

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