2023 Capacity Building Grant Cycle 1 Opened December 1

How to Apply

Applications for all grant requests must be made via our online portal.

Requests received via email, phone, or direct mail will not be reviewed.

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Check out the Capacity Building Letter of Intent (LOI) Here

The Ausherman Family Foundation’s (AFF) Trustees announced their Capacity Building Grant Cycle opened December 1, 2022. Eligible nonprofit organizations whose staff and board members are committed to growing the organization’s capacity to reach new levels of effectiveness may apply. To be considered for funding, interested organizations should submit an online Letter of Inquiry by January 15, 2023 before midnight. Only inquiries submitted online will be accepted.

Eligibility is limited to organizations that have been designated as 501(c)(3) nonprofits by the Internal Revenue Service and are located in Frederick County, Maryland. Organizations must have a healthy operating budget, as well as a strong board and executive leadership. A clearly defined mission statement and the commitment of time and resources to build capacity must be in place.

AFF’s Capacity Building Grants will support opportunities to build infrastructure for a strong and sustainable community of nonprofit organizations. Capacity Building Grants will allow nonprofits to secure the professional and timely assistance necessary to enhance organizational capacity and address important issues of organizational development and effectiveness.

Examples of capacity building projects include:

  1. Improving staff development and training
  2. Supporting outcomes assessments and continuous learning from such feedback.
  3. Adopting “state of the art” information systems to integrate, coordinate and otherwise support operations.
  4. Enhancing equity in compensation and career advancement among staff to reduce turnover and increase performance.

Capacity Grant funding is capped at $25,000.

Additional information about eligibility criteria and specific application procedures can be found HERE.

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