The Ausherman Family Foundation strives to develop creative partnerships in order to best serve the community and minimize negative impacts. Just as the Foundation strongly encourages nonprofit cooperation, we too are actively seeking partnerships with other grant making institutions in order to improve the Frederick County area.

Staff members or Trustees of grant making institutions for philanthropically minded individuals are encouraged to meet with the Trustees of the Ausherman Family Foundation to discuss potential partnerships. We are always open to hearing new ideas and learning about new opportunities. Please contact us.

The Ausherman Family Foundation is currently working with the following foundations, Grant Makers, and other philanthropists with the common goal of making a positive impact on our community or addressing a societal need:

  • Grant Seekers Resource Center
  • Grant Makers Round Table
  • NonProfit Executive Directors' Breakfast
  • Nonprofit Summit
  • The Frederick Speaker Series

Grant Seeker’s Resource Center

The Ausherman Family Foundation partners with the Frederick County C. Burr Artz Public Library to bring reference and circulating materials to nonprofit staff, board members, fundraisers, and the general public. Grant seekers have the opportunity to search the most comprehensive electronic collections of grant makers and grants available through two Foundation Center databases: Foundation Directory Online Professional and Foundation Grants to Individuals Online. Also available are print resources such as Grassroots Grants: An Activist’s Guide to Grant Seeking and Nonprofit Board Answer Book: Practical Guidelines for Board Members and Chief Executives.

For additional information please contact David Payne, M.L.S., Assistant Branch Administrator at the C. Burr Artz Public Library either via email,, or by phone 301.600.3773.

Grant Makers Round Table

The Grant Makers Round Table is a forum for the decision-makers in Frederick County philanthropies to meet, learn about one another’s visions, and explore the possibility of combining efforts and resources to address significant needs. The Round Table’s goals evolve through common interests, shared leadership, and creative initiatives.

The Ausherman Family Foundation hosts the Grant Makers Round Table when the group identifies an issue it wishes to address collectively. Gatherings are held at a local Frederick County restaurant. Discussions are facilitated by an objective party. Agendas are determined by the members.

For more information about the Grant Makers Round Table, contact Leigh Adams, Director, Ausherman Family Foundation, or by calling 301-620-4443. 

Nonprofit Executive Directors' Breakfast 

Three times a year, the Ausherman Family Foundation hosts a breakfast for the paid leaders / executives of local nonprofits. Executives choose topics for discussion related to leading a nonprofit organization. After the hour-long dialogue, notes are compiled and shared when appropriate.

Nonprofit Summit

The Ausherman Family Foundation in partnership with The Community Foundation of Frederick County, the United Way of Frederick County, PNC Foundation, and Maryland Association of Nonprofits plans and implements an annual Nonprofit Summit with the intent of providing quality, affordable educational programs for nonprofit board members, staff members, and volunteers.  The sessions focus on diverse topics pertinent to organizational capacity building and address issues identified by leaders in Frederick’s Nonprofit Sector. The event is well received by the nonprofit community. The partnership approach enables the committee to tap into the knowledge base and resources of local funding organizations as well as draw on their support to help find and obtain quality presenters at affordable costs.

The Frederick Speaker Series

In 2012, the Ausherman Family Foundation catalyzed The Frederick Speaker Series in partnership with Frederick County Public Libraries and the Weinberg Center for the Arts, Inc. The Speaker Series presents high-quality, thought-provoking speakers at the Weinberg Center. The Series committee members choose presenters with the intent that the speakers will broaden our community's collective experience and allow us to see the world differently.

The Frederick Speaker Series website holds additional information about the speakers.  Tickets may be purchased on the Weinberg Center for the Arts Box Office.