Focus Grant Initiative

Focus Grant Initiative


The Focus Grant Initiative was launched in 2014 by the Ausherman Family Foundation Trustees. The Trustees developed this grant award program to support organizations that would initiate and implement programs or services that were grander than any other activity of the organization (e.g. a giant leap forward).

Focus Grant Initiative

By Invitation

The Focus Grant Initiative process is not open to the public. Grant applications are accepted by invitation only. If you would like more information about the process, please contact Leigh Adams at

The Ausherman Family Foundation would financially support the organization through the growth process for funding for operations as well as consulting fees. Given annual outcomes, the Foundation would support the organization's growth over a three to five year period.

The Focus Grant Initiative's purpose is to:

  1. Strengthen sound organizations
  2. Help leadership grow organizational capacity, and
  3. Achieve something the organization has not yet accomplished or grow the organization

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Organizations must have:

  1. Strong staff and broad leadership
  2. An innovative new idea
  3. A recognized program that has track record of success, and
  4. Applied and successfully implemented a program model or practice
  5. Serves Frederick County residents and is located in Frederick County, MD.
  6. Falls into one of the Trustees' designated Areas of Interest.

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How to Apply

  1. The Ausherman Family Foundation Trustees invite nonprofit organizations to apply for Focus Grants via a formal letter. If your organization has been invited to apply, follow this link to access our online grants process.
  2. The process is not open to the public.

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How to Complete a Follow-Up Report

  1. To access our online grant process, go to Submit Follow-up Report.